Shakers was started in 2002 by a local Rock Hill couple and has always operated as a Self-Service dog wash and grooming business.

In 2013, brothers Steve and Dan Curran purchased Shakers Dog Wash. Since then, there has been a tremendous effort to make Shakers a great environment for dogs and their owners.

In 2020 Shakers expanded and remodeled their look. The existing self service tubs are now the Groomers and Groom techs Bathing stations. We introduced the new three sided self service bathing tubs. With the expansion we were able to create a grooming and kennel room that is 3x larger than before. And we were able to give the staff a lunch room they surely deserved!

As of today, we take care of thousands of dogs and have thousands of satisfied customers. Shakers Dog Wash gives that small business feel which the community loves.

Our success is based upon loyal customers and an outstanding staff.